CBS International PhD GRA



The CBS International PhD Graduate Research Assistantship is a CBS-funded scholarship that provides financial support for up to three incoming PhD students in the College (one per department).

Availability:  One award in each of the three departments (HHNS, IB, MCB)

Duration and Value:  $13k per year for 4 years.

Eligibility:  Recipients must be new international students entering their program with a minimum of an 80% or A- admission average (Guelph equivalent). International MSc students transferring to a PhD are also eligible to apply.

Tenability with other awards:  The CBS-IGRA is not tenable with Trillium, Vanier and Arrell, nor scholarships provided by home governments.  However, it is tenable with the International Doctoral Tuition Scholarship.

Tenure of Awards:  Recipients must remain enrolled as a full-time student and maintain satisfactory progress for the duration of the scholarship in order to maintain funding. 

Application Procedure:  Students do not apply directly. Faculty advisors notify their graduate program assistant which student(s) they would like to nominate. GPAs will then download the student’s OUAC application for review and adjudication by the department’s grad awards committee.

Deadlines:  Names of prospective candidates should be submitted to the relevant department GPA by mid May or early June. Exact 2023 dates TBD.

Adjudication: Each department will adjudicate their award allocation. Following adjudication, each department will provide the names of their selected recipient to the ADR office by mid June. Exact 2023 dates TBD.