Research Chairs, Institutes and Facilities

Canada Research Chairs

  • Emma Allen-Vercoe - Tier 1 - Human Gut Microbiome Function and Host, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Clara Cho - Tier 2 - Precision Nutrition, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Jennifer Geddes-McAlister - Tier 2 - Proteomics of Fungal Disease in One Health
  • Rebecca Shapiro - Tier 2 - Microbial Functional Genomics and Synthetic Biology, Natural Sciences and Engineering

Past Canada Research Chairs

  • Paul Hebert - Tier 1 - Molecular Biodiversity, Natural Sciences and Engineering
  • Christopher Whitfield - Tier 1 - Molecular Microbiology, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Brian Husband - Tier 2 - Ecological Genetics, Natural Science and Engineering
  • Nina Jones - Tier 2 - Eukaryotic Cellular Signaling, Natural Science and Engineering
  • Georgia Mason - Tier 2 - Animal Welfare, Natural Science and Engineering
  • Kevin McCann - Tier 2 - Biodiversity, Natural Science and Engineering

On-Campus Research Facilities

Advanced Analysis Centre:

Centre for Biodiversity Genomics

Guelph Institute for Environmental Research

Hagen Aqualab

Hagen Aqualab Zebrafish Facility

Health and Performance Centre

Human Nutraceutical Research Unit

Flora Ontario Integrated Botanical Information System (FOIBIS)

One Health Institute

Off-Campus Research Facilities

Ontario (formerly Alma) Aquaculture Research Station

Algonquin Wildlife Research Station

The Huntsman Marine Science Centre