Research Chairs, Institutes and Facilities

The College of Biological Science is home to a total of eight research chairs, as well as a wide array of research facilities and state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

Canada Research Chairs

Dr. Chris Whitfield, MCB (Tier 1)

Dr. Clara Cho, HHNS (Tier 2)

Dr. David Wright, HHNS (Tier 2)

Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe, MCB (Tier 1)

Dr. Nina Jones, MCB (Tier 1)

Dr. Paul D.N. Hebert, IBIO (Tier 1)

Research Leadership Chairs

Dr. Hafiz Maherali, IBIO

Dr. Leah Bent, HHNS

Institutes and Centres

These are the Institutes and Centres that CBS currently engages and collaborates with:

Biodiversity Institute for Conservation Synthesis

Centre for Biodiversity Genomics

Human Nutraceutical Research Unit

Health and Performance Centre

Guelph Institute for Environmental Research

One Health Institute

On-Campus Research Facilities

Advanced Analysis Centre:

Hagen Aqualab

Flora Ontario Integrated Botanical Information System (FOIBIS)

CBS Poster Printing and Illustration Facility | Printing Requisition Form

Chem Stores/Stockroom | Chemistry Storeroom Inventory

Off-Campus Research Facilities

Alma Aquaculture Research Station

Algonquin Wildlife Research Station

The Huntsman Marine Science Centre