Research Impact and Performance

Megaphone announces that the CBS Research Impact and Performance Report is now available.


The ADR office is happy to share the CBS Research Impact and Performance Report 2020-21. In this report, we highlight metrics of impact and performance on research funding, research excellence and impact, SoTL research, and graduate training.

We have worked diligently to select a set of metrics that is meaningful to the College to support decision-making and also feasible given data availability. Moving forward, we aim to produce this report on a yearly basis, track our performance over time, and inform our next Strategic Plan.

We acknowledge that this reporting period, 2020-21, has been significantly challenging, so we hope that the CBS community and the UofG in general will feel especially proud of our accomplishments. This report reflects the hard work of every faculty, staff, and graduate student in CBS.

If you have questions or comments about this report, please contact us.